The poem point out that the earth is full of pleasure. There are stray gifts of pleasures spread through the earth. Anyone who wants, can find them scattered here and there. The poet believes that pleasure is not far to seek. Anyone, who seeks it, finds it easily anywhere and everywhere. 

There is a mill floating on the surface of water. It is not working. It is lying dead and still. beside the mill three prisoners can be seen. There is the miller with two women. They are on the surface of the river Thames which passes by the city of London. The platform is small, but it has plenty of space for the three of them. They keep on dancing happily on the surface of the river. 

There all songs coming from the bank of the river. They reach the mill floating on the surface of water. They reach their house and their mill tied strongly with ropes and chains. It is a small wooden island where they work to pass a happy time. They work form morning till evening. They accept whatever is given to them. In this way, they have passed many happy days. 

In the evening, the sun goes down to take rest in the west. In the bright light of the setting sun, church spires start shining. The three of them go on dancing in the broad and lonely sky. They are as happy as free people. They dance even when surface of the river becomes calm in the evening. 

The miller and his women move the wheel of the mill. At the same time, they themselves make the music for their dance. They catch hold of the strange tunes of music. They play those tunes of music for the pleasure and amusement of others. That music is not meant for them. It is meant for others. But it hardly matters. They do not bother about it. They are happy because it is their music. All their cares and worries vanish into the air when they dance to the tune of their music. Their dance and music are stray gifts of pleasure. 

The miller and his woman dance on the surface of the river Thames. But their dance is not particularly meant for the pleasure and amusement of the poet. But it gives him a great happiness. In this way, pleasure is spread all over the earth. There are stray gifts of pleasure spread through the earth. Anyone who wants can find them scattered here and here. There is plenty of love and kindness in the lap of nature. They give happiness and joy to human beings. 

At times, there are certain showers of rain in the spring season. They inspire the birds to sing happy songs of joy. When the wind blows, it's stirs the leaves to happiness and joy. They kiss each other and feel elated. In the same way, waves play hide and seek. Each wave tries to catch and kiss the other. These are happy scenes in nature. Every object of nature has a right to be happy.

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